About us


Not Jet creates high quality statement coats to make women feel special, empowered and unstoppable at all time. 

The silhouettes are classic and versatile, with a rebellious twist.

Not Jet offers colourful pieces that fun and daring yet practical and wearable. Our coats are high quality and meant to be cherished, re-worn and to form a part of one’s identity. 

Grown apart? Our mission is that our coats will be sold with pride in the vintage shops in 10 – 20 years.


Sustainable pre-order philosophy

Our aim is to make limited-edition investment pieces to be desired and cherished as part of one’s identity. We are very passionate about developing fashion forward, fun and high quality garments.

We take our social and environmental responsibility very serious and are dedicated to develop a sustainable approach to fashion. We carefully select our suppliers and manufacturers and source high quality, increasingly eco friendly and sustainable materials.

Our aim is to fight the cycle of overproduction, disregard and throwawaism.

We don’t believe in overproducing and selling out items to ‘get rid of them’ but do believe in rewarding consumers to consciously make decisions in enriching their cupboards and identities.

We have therefore set up a model in which we offer a pre-order discount.

This way we promote conscious proactive choice and at the same time save costs by bundling orders and gaining supply and manufacturing advantages.


How it works?

You can pre-order our collections up to 6 months prior to official release date. The earlier you order, the more discount you get:

40% off on orders placed 5 months before release date

30% off on orders placed 4 months before release date

20% off on orders placed 3 months before release date

10% off on orders placed 1 month before release date

Spread payment

Pre-orders require a 50% deposit at the time of purchase. The remaining balance and sales tax/duties are charged upon shipping.

Shipping costs are on us on all orders over € 200,-.

All items are returnable for a full refund within 28 days from the date that the order is delivered.​